The meeting room is one of the essential parts of a coworking space. This is where you discuss the problems, meet with clients, or simply a place to get some work done with your team. eCoworking space provides such rooms with the following amenities.  
  • High-speed Wi-Fi
  • LED to display presentations
  • Whiteboard
  • Waiting area for clients
  • Tea & Water included
  • Free Parking
  • Plenty of natural light
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Make a web presence for the leader fin-tech company.

eCoworking offers you comfortable and modern meeting rooms that can meet the needs of many. Our meeting spaces offer a better alternative to cafes if it’s a business gathering, interview, or even a team huddle.

You can enjoy amenities like high-speed internet access and waiting rooms, while you can enjoy the security of a private room. In addition, coffee and tea are available for guests of all ages.

The meeting rooms are available to everyone who is a member of eCoworking and other customers. In addition, we have a convenient booking system where members and non-members can book rooms using our web application.

Our vast selection of meeting spaces allows you to pick the ideal location and room for your next event. For example, we’ll assist you in finding the perfect boardroom for an event, a private space to conduct interviews, or an inspiring location to conduct a workshop.

When you book one of the meeting spaces we offer, you’ll have access to various services that will help make your event go smoothly. Make reservations in advance, and we’ll ensure that everything is ready to use on the day of your event.

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