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We Are Redefining the Future of Work in Pakistan

eCoworking is one of the well-renowned co-working spaces offering work and office space in Lahore. eCoworking was formed to assist startups, entrepreneurs, and tech companies locate office space without the need to pay high advance rents and security deposits on top of financial investment for office equipment. They can walk into the office room and begin using the area in just a few minutes.

Empowering tomorrow's world at work.

eCowork was founded in 2018 with the vision to create environments where people and companies come together and do their best work. Through this multi-faceted and interconnected ecosystem, with our entrepreneurial venture, eCoworking enables multinational and local companies to join, startup, and grow within the Pakistan market.

eCoworking is always making progress, creating innovative working experiences, and changing how work will be done in Pakistan. We aim to weave together a group of entrepreneurs from 100,000, beginning with 5000 seats over the next 24 months in Pakistan.

Leading with purpose

More than just building spaces where businesses can do their best work, we're dedicated to caring for our people and the planet.

Leading with purpose

More than just building spaces where businesses can do their best work, we're dedicated to caring for our people and the planet.

Do the Right Thing

We know the 'right thing' is a deliberate action we must always take and that it is based on integrity and builds trust with those we care about, including our people, members, and our community.

eCoworking is always making progress, creating innovative working experiences, and changing how work will be done in Pakistan. We aim to weave together a group of entrepreneurs from 100,000, beginning with 5000 seats over the next 24 months in Pakistan.

Strive To Be Better, Together

We've always believed that we are better together. Therefore, we must operate with a shared purpose to constantly improve and grow and become better as individuals, as teams, and as a company.

Be Human, Be Kind

Collaboration, kindness, and authenticity are essential to our humanity. Therefore, we must cherish each other and build a community that celebrates each person's unique talents, passions, and backgrounds.

About Services

Meeting Rooms

eCoworking offers you comfortable and modern meeting rooms that can meet the needs of many. Our meeting spaces offer a better alternative to cafes if it's a business gathering, interview, or even a team huddle. You can enjoy amenities like high-speed internet access and waiting rooms, while you can enjoy the security of a private room. In addition, coffee and tea are available for guests of all ages.

The meeting rooms are available to everyone who is a member of eCoworking and other customers. In addition, we have a convenient booking system where members and non-members can book rooms using our web application.

Our vast selection of meeting spaces allows you to pick the ideal location and room for your next event. For example, we'll assist you in finding the perfect boardroom for an event, a private space to conduct interviews, or an inspiring location to conduct a workshop.

When you book one of the meeting spaces we offer, you'll have access to various services that will help make your event go smoothly. Make reservations in advance, and we'll ensure that everything is ready to use on the day of your event.

Production Studio

Go to eCoworking space and breathe in the fresh air of creativity that fills our vibrant community of talents. Audio and visual productions are brought out of our specially-designed studios and on our stage, backed with top-of-the-line amenities. So if you're looking to produce high-quality content, we've got it covered.

In the current, ever-changing environment, we recognize the necessity to keep up with new demands with various budgets, arduous budgets, and demanding RFPs. Our brand new "&Content Creator" membership is created to make it easier for you to join our creative family. You will enjoy all the advantages of a Resident Membership that include office support and 10 hours of access to our world-class production facilities in a setting that encourages productivity. We're here when you need us.

If you're thinking about leaving the house to do some work and meet new people, eCoworking is the suitable choice ideal for you! The studio spaces for creative work distinguish it from the other coworking and collaborative spaces within the region.

Event & Traning Space

eCoworking provides cool and multi-functional training space for small-scale events, which can use to meet different requirements. We have support staff available for events day to handle the event, such as serving refreshments, tea, or coffee, catering to participants, and more.

Our spaces for events are flexible and can serve multiple purposes. Whether it's the startup Meetup or fitness class, you could use our rooms and branding options for successful events.

We can accommodate anywhere from 30 and 70 guests. We've successfully organized panel discussions workshops, seminars, stand-up comedy nights, and many more. In addition, entrepreneurs, freelancers, and other groups of professionals regularly host meetings in our space for events.

Training rooms in Lahore are equipped with state-of-the-art technology for businesses, non-profit organizations, and startups for meetings, training, and exhibits. Book by the month, day, or hour.

A suitable training space or a seminar room with the proper layout and area will make all the difference to the learning experience. If you require a more traditional classroom layout with front-facing stations or a more collaborative setup that encourages discussions and brainstorming, you'll be able to find it. Book small or large classrooms online to ensure you have the space that you require in Lahore and other cities, complete with well-placed furniture and the latest high-speed Internet as well as presentation tools.

Virtual Office:

eCoworking virtual office service gives you a professional business address that can be used to register your business with SECP. Virtual Office members can also take advantage of eCoworking Legal Services at discounted costs if you've subscribed for our Virtual Office plan.

We also handle the mail for our customers and offer an exclusive service for riders in addition. With our rider service, you can get all your business tasks (cheque deposit, money collection, and more) completed by our reliable riders.

Virtual office members have access to a limited number of Rooms for Meeting Rooms and Coworking spaces.

With the help of a Virtual Office, you have everything you require to make new connections. First, find an outstanding professional address that includes handling mail, phone answering services, and access to network events.

With a virtual coworking space, you have people around you, so you do not feel lonely during the workday. With a virtual space, you get the same feeling even if you work from home. Just pressing a button lets you interact with others, and you can view the virtual map to see where everyone is at a given moment in time.

Enjoy the freedom of working on the go and following your schedule. No more commuting, no more traffic; you can focus on getting the job done with a virtual office.

Dedicated Desk

Our dedicated desk is your desk, with storage that can lock and an ergonomic chair that lets you work in a peaceful space that is entirely free of distractions. But, it's not only about your desk. You also have access to our workplace facilities, including meeting rooms, our leisure space, and our dining area that is not just functional value but also enhances the image of your business before prospective employees and clients.

The services you receive significantly affect your productivity. Many of our new dedicated desk members have reported a significant rise in productivity as opposed to their work at the comfort of their homes or other workplaces. You're within the presence of a vibrant group of individuals who could be potential service suppliers as well as customers and business partners or co-founders. Your possibilities to grow are limitless.

Have more focus with your dedicated desk in a shared office throughout the day – ideal for a quieter, more private work setting. Our dedicated desks give you all of the benefits of the shared space, with an added level of permanency and personalization. Enjoy the luxury of leaving your monitor and belongings at work while always having a personalized workspace to return to day after day.

 Need to team up? You can bring one guest free of charge. And when you need to bring in more than one, simply book a meeting room via the app.

Private Office:

Our fully furnished and serviced office Space Solution is the most practical and cost-effective office space option available. It's the least hassle alternative to set the Office you want to use. It also helps you save the initial cost of creating your own Office and have all the time you need to concentrate on your company.

In your private, secure space, you'll have the opportunity to have your privacy while also allowing you to develop your own team's culture while enjoying all the benefits that come with coworking spaces. Existing businesses based within Kickstart have reported higher levels of satisfaction and retention compared with the last time they worked in isolated workplaces.

Our Office is equipped with workstations chairs, workstations, storage, and filing cabinets. The Office also has air conditioning, a phone line, and Ethernet ports. Access is available 24/7 to your workplace. Your uninterrupted power supply is assured, and high-speed internet and failover connections are available at all times.

We're working every day with the members of our private offices to ensure that their office spaces are secure and adaptable. The peace of mind you can enjoy within your workplace is never more essential. We've developed unique layouts for distance-friendly rooms to assist. If you're looking to know more, schedule a tour at the bottom of the page or drop us a note in this chat area!

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